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Catholics and Protestents
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Welcome to caths_and_prots! I am J-MAN and I have created this community for every form of Christian to feel at home. Whether you are Protestant or Catholic, feel free to join so that we may become one body through our Lord, Jesus Christ. For further spiritual helpings, please visit the Bible online.

Ya know, God once told me that Catholics and Protestants are like brothers and sisters. He said, "If you have a brother or sister, you should know that neither of you show your mother/father the same type of love in the same manner. In the same way, Catholics and Protestants are only brothers and sisters, trying to please their heavenly Father..."

Considering what God told me...ask yourself, "Do I belong here?"

The key is to learn from each other! :-)

May the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit continue to bless us in our darkest hour, Amen.

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