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Imagine a hypothetical person. Let's call him Ahmed. Ahmed grows up in a Muslim family, in a Muslim community, in Afghanistan. He is taught Islam, which is the only view of God that he knows. One day, as a result of events in a far away place, foreign soldiers come to his land. Their leader says that they are 'Christians'. They say that they are hunting for criminals who did a terrible thing, but every around him says that these foreigners are inveterate liars. Members of Ahmed's community tell him how, many years in the past, these 'Christians' launched an unprovoked war against the Muslim people and massacred hundreds of thousands. In the course of their hunting, the foreign soldiers drop bombs. They bomb Ahmed's home.

His mother dies. His father dies. His brothers and his sisters die. Ahmed himself is crippled for life.

At first, the foreigners say that someone in the house fired at their warplanes. Later, they say that it was all just a misunderstanding.

Eventually, Ahmed grows up and, because he is a very good student, wins a scholarship to a foreign, 'Christian' country. While there, Christians tell him their message and try to convert him to their religion, saying that it is a religion of love. Every time he hears the message, Ahmed remembers the terror, the fire, the pain and the grief of those bombs. For him, Christianity is a rhetoric of love laid over a reality of violence. Ahmed never converts. Finally, he dies. Does he go straight to Hell for rejecting Christ?
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