Kipling's Cat (mintogrubb) wrote in caths_and_prots,
Kipling's Cat

The United Reformed Church

Hello peeps,
the name is Grubb. Minto Grubb. I went looking among my friends User info pages and found this place.

A bit about me - I am a member of the United Reformed Church, and have been since 1997.
The Church itself was founded in England in 1975, when the Presbyterians, the Congregationalist and the Churches of Christ decided to amalgamate.

Although someone who was baptised into the Anglican church as a baby, I felt more drawn to the free churches as I grew up. Although the URC is quite progressive when it comes to things like the ordination of women, I am still interested in the historical roots of Christianity and am currently reading about the Early Church Fathers.

At present, I do reading, research and I write articles for my local Church magazine. Although I'm not ordained, my church does encourage the laity to participate in many ways in the life of the church, and one day, I hope to become a qualified lay preacher.

For the present, though, I have made a fair number of friends on other forums on LJ, and I hope to make a few more here.
click the link for the URC website.
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