Jeron Cahill (gods_step_son) wrote in caths_and_prots,
Jeron Cahill

First Entry!

Hi everyone!!
My name Is Jeron, I'm from Iowa, which is a bad place because there is only corn and wheat out here, but what is good is that I come from a community of FAITH!! I believe that the good Lord sent me here for a reason, and that is to help the world out, and I want to!! I'm 16 years old, don't drive yet, but I have great friends that will drive me to church any time I want (which is a lot!! LOL!!!). I have struggles like everyone else does, and that's ok because the Church can heal everyone and everything, as long as they have Faith, which I knoew everyone does, but some people pretend that they don't. I live with my dad now because my mother was not a believer, in fact she is very evil.
She left me and my sister because she found out that she was a lezbian. She went through Faith Therapy, a program at my church that helps cure the gay people, but after that program she kept saying how sad she was, and how she couln't be herself. So she married my dad and made me and my sister, but even her own children that God gave her didn't make her not want to return to her evil lifestyle.
So I pray every day that my mother will learn to turn her back on her evil ways and be normal like all the other normal people that have been turned away from their evil lifestyles through Faith Therapy.

I'm sorry I had to be so serious with my first LJ entry, but I think it's a good way to tell you a little about myself. I am part of GodRox, my Church's outreach program, this year has been great so far...Ask me about it!! I'm going to try to get a REAL picture up soon, but this computer is new.

In God's Love and Holy name,

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