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Hello! My name is Mandy. I have been catholic all my life. I try to go to church every week, and i even attended a catholic high school. I never really questioned my faith. I enjoyed my close relationship with God. When i prayed, it was mostly for my family. However, something happened to me a week ago that changed everything. Let me explain.

I work in the Emergency Room at our local hospital. My job includes assiting patients to the restroom. It was an ordinary situation, I pushed her bed to the bathroom and helped her into it. She revealed her entire life story to me. She was 80 something living in retirement apartments in my town. She had been living there since 1979, when she became a widow. She spoke clearly yet with so much pain. She had no relatives near her. The closest lived in Minnesota. She was to weak to attend church. She caught my attention when she said, "Honey, i want to thank-you for your help, but i also want you to pray for me." I was speechless. I nodded and smiled. She then broke the silence with more bad news. Her doctor had decided she be better fit in a nursing home. She about broke down in tears trying to explain her discomfort in that idea. Finally getting a word out, I asked her what church did she belong too. She simply answered, St. Joseph. My jaw dropped. I was from the same church. We talked for like twenty minutes about the parish and its priest. For the first time i saw her smile. I was sent off to do other work, but i saw her again right before she was sent upstairs to the floor. I gave her a large smile and take care. I think of her, and I try to pray for her whenever i can. At my work I see suffering all the time, but for some reason this story stood out. I may only be 19, but I feel like my relationship with God and my spirituality are strong.
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