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Contemporary Christian Music - x posted

So yeah, I was wondering, is rock n roll evil? And if it is, where do we draw the line? Is listening to Contemporary Christian Music, as many of us (including myself) do, wrong?

I am forming my own opinions on this, but wondered what everyone else thought on this. It's a tricky one.

To start you off I thought I'd give you a bit of reading material first.

"Since rock and roll music is not found in the scriptures, from whence we derive all that is pleasing to God (2 Timothy 3:16-17), it MUST be a part of this world. Obvious evidence that this is so is by the association of the lust of flesh with this type of music, regardless of the lyrics."

taken from Rock Music

Also have a look at Another anti-Rock page

And finally, for a SLIGHTLY more balanced approach (at least this one says that 5% of Christian Music might be okay!) try CCM Guide

Anyone want to post any exceptions to these rules while they're at this debate?
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