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Praise and prayer request

God really does answer prayer!! Not that I didn't know that already of course.

Remember the lady who was really horrible to me and several of my colleagues? Well I took on board what various kind people on these message boards said (thanks guys!) The first thing I did was pray - I prayed that God would bless her, for it says in Scripture "bless those who curse you", and the second thing I did was forgive her and treat her like she'd never done anything bad to me.

Today... well, after MONTHS of leaving the classroom the moment I enter she CAME INTO the classroom I was in. I felt a little intimidated at first especially as she made a snide remark about my teaching abilities in front of the children, but I steadied myself and told myself I wasn't going to let myself be intimidated. I treated her with respect, restraint, even kindness, and she actually responded to me - she even made eye contact with me!!

Please pray for this lady, I think she must have some serious issues that make her so sad that she takes it out on other people. I believe I am seeing God working in her already - through one prayer! Imagine what regular prayer from a miriad of believers could do! Let's surround her with God's blessings so that she doesn't know what to do with herself!! :) Let's send her "spiritual hugs" that she can't explain, but that she can't explain away either.

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